Jewelry of Semi Precious Stones online

“ Golden leaves”


Jewelry of Semi Precious Stones online

Agate-Stone that strengthens the connection of the body to the ground. Gives courage, energy, strength, removes fears raises confidence. .Attracts luck. Reduces feelings of envy, jealousy, anger

Aventurine- a stone of good luck… most often used in games of chance and gambling. Aventurine is a prosperity stone and makes a good amulet or talisman.  Keep aventurine with you when you gable, go on a job interview or seek financing. Aventurine makes a good divination tool for spiritual guidance on anything related to money or gambling.

Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra. It is believed to not just energize and clear the heart chakra, but also to protect one from those who psychically attach to the heart.

Aventurine balances the male and female energies improving creativity and ability to work with the opposite sex. Aventurine can help one become  emotionally stronger, more decisive and strengthen leadership abilities.

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 Jewelry of Semi Precious Stones online


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