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Orenda Art…be inspired…


Orenda Art is a name that speaks for itself. Orenda means spiritual path focused on the intention for happiness. We are focused on making bracelets, necklaces and earrings made from natural semi-precious stones. Every gemstone is a part of Mother Earth and brings positive energy while protecting from negative influences. We invest our love and dedication and leave a piece of ourselves in every jewel. We are at one with Nature, taking inspiration from Her stones that transform into unique and stylish jewelry accessories to bring its owner luck, health, prosperity and peace!
Our mission is to find and offer the highest vibrational stones for our clients and to combine them in stylish jewels.You will find a hand craftedjewelry items in different styles with highly intuitive information on the healing properties of every stone we carry.Shamballa bracelets are a beautiful product, and it’s great to understand their true meanings in Buddhism. All of the shamballa bracelets designed by Orenda Art are hand crafted , keeping them true to their original purpose.
The meaning behind Shamballa bracelets has its origins in Buddhism where the kingdom of Shambala was a mythical kingdom of peace and tranquility. The legend tells us that the bracelets were often used as a prayer tool, to help Buddhists reach a deep state of meditation and serenity while wearing them. 

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